Carling Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic has developed an unparalleled reputation in health and wellness based upon its mission to provide a holistic, client-centered & multi-disciplinary approach to achieving optimal health.

Instrumental in augmenting Carling Chiropractic’s foundation of chiropractic care, physiotherapy services provide an additional fundamental element of family-focused health care through its unique approach to rehabilitation, injury & illness prevention, and restorative care.

Physiotherapy plays an essential role in:

  • the diagnosis of both acute and chronic injuries through a systematic and fact-based assessment designed to expose underlying conditions and potential causes to illness, injury, or disability
  • providing a multi-faceted treatment plan to manage, eliminate, or prevent the causes of client health issues
  • controlling the often debilitating symptoms and effects of injury and illness which detrimentally affect everyday activities of daily living and “normal” life.
  • providing guidance and support throughout the implementation of treatment via hands-on manual therapy and therapeutic exercise programs
  • collaborating with multi-disciplinary team members in providing a complete all-encompassing program designed to meet and fulfill patient needs while achieving individual optimal health

Specifically physiotherapy can help you:

  • regain lost mobility and range of motion
  • improve posture and eliminate the associated physical limitations attributed to postural dysfunction
  • reduce, manage or eliminate pain resulting from chronic conditions or acute injuries
  • enhance sport performance through the application and implementation of individualized exercise programs supplemented by hands-on manual therapy interventions
  • improve movement patterns and muscular coordination leading to enhanced execution of daily living tasks and ultimately the continued enjoyment of your favourite hobbies and activities

If you have any further questions or would like to set up a consultation with our team physiotherapist, Sandra, please call 613.828.1494.  If you should have any general inquiries please feel free to use our super easy contact form found immediately below:

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