Chiropractic care for all–No “R” rating required!

Chiropractic care provides people from all backgrounds, occupations, cultures and ages with a holistic, non-surgical approach to treatment and prevention of disorders of the musculosketetal, and nervous systems of the body.

One of the predominant misconceptions of chiropractic care is treatment such as spinal manipulation, has little benefit for folks of particular age groups such as children or seniors.  This could not be farther from the truth.

People of all ages can experience one or several of the following circumstances:

-poor posture

-physical trauma resulting from a slip, fall, sport collision, or motor vehicle accident

-trigger points (sensitive areas of muscle causing pain) brought on by overused or weak muscles

-asymmetric (unbalanced) muscle development

-poor nutrition

-stress, anxiety and other psychological and emotional circumstances

Regardless of age, the preceding situations can and normally will result in vertebral misalignment thereby making an already bad situation worse and exasperating symptoms. So what happens when our spine becomes misaligned?

Simply speaking when your back is misaligned it will produce small dysfunctions or deficiencies in your spinal joints resulting in nerve interference. In other words, the highway between your brain and your body is now full of pot holes, undergoing construction, and having to deal with traffic jams. In essence the brain’s ability to communicate efficiently and effectively with the body is disrupted.

The systems of the body, such as the muscular system or digestive system, require smooth communication with the master controller (your brain) in order to function optimally. When this is compromised and transmitted signals are scrambled or ineffective, it will result in a diminished quality of health.  It is important to note that this can happen AT ANY AGE!

Keeping this in my mind, it is logical to assume that we can all benefit from spinal tune-ups and check-ups. Much like taking your car into a mechanic for oil changes and radiator flushes, maintenance of healthy bodily systems is critical to keep your engine running smoothly.

Such as with your dentist, it makes no sense to wait until you have a significant issue to seek help. Why not prevent the big problems and all the ensuing pain by getting regular check-ups and ensuring smooth operation of your body. Deal with potential complications in a proactive manner before they become symptomatic. Chiropractic care is based upon this principle by providing an affordable and efficient way to manage and optimize your health potential.

All too often our patients wait until there is extensive and incapacitating pain and discomfort before seeking chiropractic treatment. Not only does this make your daily living tasks seem monumentally difficult, it can be extremely frustrating to know that having regular check-ups could have prevented the negative impact on your health in the first place. Now you’re not only hurting and in pain, you are angry with yourself knowing that the situation was completely in your control to prevent in the first place.

It is important to acknowledge that these regular check-ups prevent issues creeping up. Often people do not even realize there are areas of concern because they are asymptomatic (not showing outward signs of problems). Little do they realize that allowing these dysfunctions to continue to exist allows degenerative changes to occur leaving themselves with unnecessary instability, chronically tight or sore joints, painful muscle actions, and arthritic changes that weaken their spines and take away their ability to be and stay healthy.

Do yourself a favour, be proactive, book yourself an appointment and allow us to help you STAY HEALTHY THE NATURAL WAY!