Back to School Nutrition

As kids across Ottawa head back-to-school, the team at Carling Chiropractic wanted to share a few nutrition basic to help fuel the young mind and body.

Hearty Breakfast

Breakfast is truly an important meal.  Studies have shown children who eat before arriving at school have improved memory, better behaviour, and higher test scores.  Children who skip breakfast are noted for being more lethargic or tired, and struggle with concentration.

Kickstart the day with a hearty, nutrient rick breakfast.  Favourites from our team and their families include: quesadillas, homemade oatmeal topped with fresh berries, eggs in a pepper, scrambled eggs with salsa, breakfast parfaits, and baked eggs with lentils and veggies.  Beth over at Budget Bytes also has numerous breakfast ideas.

school lunchesBalanced Lunch

Tired of discovering an uneaten lunch?  This year, encourage your kids to get involved in preparing the lunchtime meal.  Guide them in selecting items from the four food groups, and include them in grocery shopping to help aid in selecting healthy choices. Bento boxes have gained in popularity, and are great tools in helping kids and adults alike pack smart, balanced meals.  Explore some of these innovative options on Pinterest.

Smart Snacks

Children of all ages need nutrition rich foods to keep them fueled and focused at school.  Help them focus on learning by providing smart snacks.  From the basics like fresh fruits and vegetables, to hummus, roasted chickpeas, granola, lentil muffins, yogurt and so much more.  The variety of smart snacks is endless.

Need More Help?

Andrea Boschman may be the Registered Holistic Nutritionist at Carling Chiropractic, but she is also a mother to 6 children.  She has packed countless lunches over the years, and welcomes the occasion to help with your family’s nutritional needs.  Call 613-828-1494 to book an appointment with Andrea.