Sports Related Back Injuries

In light of the Pan Am Games and the Parapan Am Games, the Canadian Chiropractic Association published an article addressing the sports with the greatest risk of back injuries and means of prevention.

sports related back injuriesAt our Ottawa clinic, the Carling Chiropractic team is often asked about this exact topic.  While there is certainly inherent risk with any sport, here are the top three sports related back injuries according to the CCA.

1. Wrestling
2. Soccer
3. Gymnastics

Whether you engage in these high risk sports, or participate in running, cycling, baseball, golf, tennis or countless other sports, here are some suggestions to prevent injury.

1. Develop proper technique.  This may require coaching and/or working with a whole healthcare team.

2. Regular strength training, with a focus on core muscles.

3. Always complete warm-up and cool-down stretches.  Use of a foam roller or massage stick can be beneficial in preventing or treating tight muscles.