Workplace Chiropractic Intervention

workplace chiropractic interventionWork-related musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries and ailments are on the rise. In early 2014, it was determined MSK disorders are considered the primary source for insurance claims in Canada. The impact of these complaints carries a health and financial burden to an employee and their family. Furthermore, employers and employees face additional struggles due to lost time, limited productivity, and even early departure or retirement.

In an effort to minimize or eliminate MSK injuries, many employers are implementing workplace chiropractic intervention strategies. Chiropractors across Canada are now offering expert advice on workplace ergonomics and performance, health, safety and lifestyle choices. As musculoskeletal experts, a chiropractor can identify the most common workplace ailments and conditions, and help develop a prevention plan. They can also setup in-office or clinic-based MSK care and provide educational sessions.

Workplace chiropractic interventionIf you are looking for innovative way to combat the effects of sedentary work , consider sharing the Straighten Up Canada app with your staff. This easy to use program provides 12 posture exercises, with options for both adults and youth. Encourage your team to take an ergonomic break, and help them improve their spine.

By bringing chiropractic knowledge to a workplace, employers are helping keep their staff happy, healthy and productive. If you are looking to develop a workplace chiropractic intervention strategy, would like an ergonomic review of your office or warehouse, or want to learn about bringing chiropractic care to your doorstep, give the team at Carling Family Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic a call at (613) 828-1494

Infographics Credit: Canadian Chiropractic Association